Ka Vsat Support

To assist us to try and resolve your technical issues please follow the steps as detailed below

Step 1 = Turn Modem and Wireless Router off for 5 mins and then turn back on and test again (If that does not work proceed to step 2)

Step 2 = Check if you are capped or not. Go to the website portal http://portal.avantiplc.com or email vsatsupport@satcomms.co.za for a usage report (If you are nearly capped then order a topup @ http://www.satcomms.co.za/ka-band-satellite-internet-topup.html , if not proceed to step 3)

Step 3 = Test connection. Please connect your computer directly to Modem via lan cable and run speed test. Open your web browser eg Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox and go to http://portal.avantiplc.com and click on speedtest tab at top and do 3 speed tests 5 mins apart while connected directly to Modem. Please take screen shots of each test and email to us. (If that does not work proceed to step 4)

Step 4 = Email vsatsupport@satcomms.co.za with full details of the problem.

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