Our KU Uncapped is a fixed-fee service that provides continued broadband user access based on a particular service profile. The service profiles are defined to implement a balance between cost and performance as well as eliminating the classical disadvantages of a shared access service such as high service contention ratios and poor data speeds.

Services Typically Consist of: (These could be out of date and are just an example)

Profile Name Max Upload Max Download Monthly Fair Use
Value 1Mbps 4Mbps 30GB
Value Plus 2Mbps 6Mbps 45GB
Value Pro 3Mbps 8Mbps 60GB
Power 3Mbps 10Mbps 75GB
Power Plus 3Mbps 10Mbps 100GB
Power Pro 3Mbps 10Mbps 150GB


Service Profile Name: This is a unique service profile name for clear communication both technically, commercially and sales.

Max Upload Data Rate: This is the maximum upload data rate that the particular site or service can be operated at.

Max Download Date Rate: This is the maximum download data rate limit set for the user site.

Data Usage Allowance: Because the service is a “fixed-fee” service, also generally understood as an uncapped service, it is important to provide users with a quantified service level expectation for a particular service profile. The FUP allowance is the parameter that gives users an indication of the data volume each service profile is designed for.  Services for user applications that require more data usage per month should upgrade to a higher service profile.

Fair Use Policy: In order to maintain the overall network service quality, the service management platform does also include options to balance the network performance in the event that sites exceed the allocated monthly FUP allowance.

Fair Use Policy Rules:

Each site is configured with a service profile, and each service profile has a defined maximum upload and download speed as well as a FUP allowance.

For service management purposes each monthly usage allowance is divided into a daily allowance. For example, the Value service profile has a monthly FUP allowance of 30GB which is then applied at 1GB per day.

When the daily data FUP allowance is reached the maximum download data rate will be limited to 25% of the profile download rate for the remainder of that day. Data download speed is reset to the maximum again on the next day.

In the Value example the daily allowance is 1GB per day at a data rate of 1Mbps / 4Mbps. Once the data usage reached 1GB for the day, then the Fair Use Policy will apply, which will set the download data rates at 25% of the nominal rate,i.e. 1Mbps/1Mbps.

First time activated sites start with daily allowance total and not a pro-rata monthly FUP allowance. In the case of a Value service profile which is activated on the 15th of the month, the FUP allowance for this site will start with 1GB and not a pro-rata total of 15GB. The daily allowance of 1GB will be added the next day, the service management platform will calculate a pro-rata invoice for first time activated sites.

Daily FUP allowances are permitted to roll over to the next day and accumulate to the next day’s total.

There will not be any top-ups available. If the 30GB FUP is not enough for the site, then an upgrade to the next service profile is recommended.

Summary – Fair Usage Policy Daily Allowances Examples

Profile Name Max Upload Max Download Monthly Fair Use Daily use Speed After FUP(Up/Down)
Value 1Mbps 4Mbps 30GB 1GB 1Mbps/1Mbps
Value Plus 2Mbps 6Mbps 45GB 1.5GB 2Mbps/1.5Mbps
Value Pro 3Mbps 8Mbps 60GB 2GB 3Mbps/2Mbps
Power 3Mbps 10Mbps 75GB 2.5GB 3Mbps/2.5Mbps