The purpose of our Fair Use Policy is to ensure that all customers experience a quality service. We manage the integrity of our network to make sure that a high quality service is provided at all times to all our customers on a fair and equitable basis in accordance with the specific package attributes which has been purchased by the customer.

As with similar satellite and terrestrial ADSL services, this service uses a pool of capacity shared between the individual customers using the service in proportion to the package which each customer has purchased.

This service is intended for normal use, (in accordance to the specific package which has been purchased) including web browsing, email, occasional streaming of audio or video, etc. However this service is not suitable for connecting web site servers, or continuous use of peer-to-peer file sharing software, Voice over IP, streaming audio and video, or other continually bandwidth-hungry applications. There is a risk that small numbers of customers using the service in such ways could prevent other users from obtaining a satisfactory service.

We therefore reserve the right to apply a lower priority to traffic which is typically associated with nonprofessional applications such as peer-to-peer file sharing. This will have the effect of slowing down such traffic during periods when the service is congested, but not at other times, leaving more capacity for more time-sensitive traffic.

We also reserve the right to apply a lower priority to traffic to and from any customer who has, over a recent period of typically a few weeks, used significantly more bandwidth than the average customer or exceeded their data usage limit. This will have the effect of slowing down the service for that customer during periods when the service is congested, but not at other times. The more exceptional the customer’s utilisation of bandwidth, the more the customer’s service will be slowed down.

If you have been assigned a lower priority as a result of this policy, your priority will return to normal after a few weeks if you modify your use of the service so as to reduce your bandwidth utilisation.

This policy does not mean that you cannot use the types of bandwidth-hungry applications identified above, only that you should not use such applications continuously or for long periods. Occasional use of high bandwidth applications is typical of normal use.

As a result of our application of this policy, customers who are using the service in line with use will experience a better service with less congestion and the available capacity will be shared more fairly.

This fair use policy does not apply to products with specified download limits.  For such products when download limits are reached service will be significantly limited until additional bandwidth is purchased or until the beginning of the next calendar month when usage measurement is reset.

N.B. No streaming with Starter and Value + packages