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Fax & Enhanced Messaging

Can I send a fax using Iridium?

By connecting the uniHub (an Iridium product) to your Iridium phone and fax machine it is possible to send and receive faxes over the Iridium network. The Iridium end user can choose to subscribe to the On-Go fax service which will allow the Iridium end user to send faxes to and receive faxes from any fax machine; in this configuration, only the Iridium end user needs to have a uniHub. Or if both parties have Iridium phones, then both parties can simply install the uniHub; in this configuration, it is not necessary to subscribe to the On-Go fax service, but each party needs to have a uniHub and an Iridium phone.

Data – Dialup

Does Iridium Dial-Up Data Service work in a Macintosh environment?

Iridium Dial-Up Data may function in a Macintosh environment, but Iridium does not guarantee any level of compatibility or functionality. At this time, Iridium only supports its Data software within Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP Operating Systems.

Data – Direct Internet 2.0

Do I need any special equipment to use DI2.0?

Any additional accessories required to use DI2.0 will vary based on the type of Iridium phone. For portable phones, such as the 9500 and the 9505, these require a data adapter and a standard 9 PIN straight through serial cable.

Do I need to configure the DI2.0 software with a special number to dial?

For standard prepaid and postpaid users, the number to dial the DI2.0 server is already preconfigured in the software. Users using crew calling SIM cards will need to reconfigure the number to include the Captain Crew Calling prefix of “698” pre-pended to the number (and the “00” removed). However, once the number has been configured upon installation, it will no longer need to be programmed again for future satellite data calls.

Does the Direct Internet 2.0 software work in a Macintosh environment?

No. Iridium Direct Internet 2.0 software is compatible with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems only at this time.

How much does the DI2.0 software cost?

DI2.0 software is provided at no cost.

What are the system requirements for DI2.0?

Minimum system requirements for a PC:

  • Pentium 200MHz (or equivalent)
  • 64MB RAM
  • Minimum of 11MB of hard-drive space

What do I need to use DI2.0?

You need to obtain the DI2.0 software and install it on your computer as well as a suitable Iridium phone.

What is DI2.0?

Direct Internet is a service that increases the throughput of email, web and ftp applications over the Iridium network.

Direct Internet Data Service provides connectivity from a PC, through your Iridium phone, directly to the Internet through dedicated servers at the Iridium gateway. This service utilizes transparent compression, resulting in effective throughput data rates higher than the 2.4 Kbps service that Iridium’s data service operates at.

Data – General

Are Iridium World Data Services available for MARITIME and/or AVIATION units?

Yes. Iridium Data Services are available on all Iridium phones.

Are Iridium World Data Services sold separately?

No. Currently when subscribing to Iridium World Data Services, both Dial-Up Data and Direct Internet Data are available.

Are there any benefits of using one Iridium World Data Service over the other?

Each of Iridium’s Data services fills a specific need and which one you select should be based on your application. If you are attempting to dial into a corporate LAN or a specific Internet Service Provider (ISP), Iridium’s Dial-Up service is most appropriate for your needs. If, on the other hand, you are interested in referencing web sites or using email, then Direct Internet may be the better option. Both services are enabled so long as you have Data on your account. Both services and co-exist on the same machine without any difficulty.

Can any Operating System be used with Iridium World Data Services?

Iridium data is supported with computers running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0 (Service Pack 4 or higher), 2000 and XP.

Can I send a fax through an Iridium phone using either Direct Internet Data or Dial-Up Data?

The uniHub, an Iridium specialized product offered by On-Go, automatically establishes a data call and then transmits the fax to its destination. By using the uniHub it is not necessary to manually establish a Direct Internet or Dial-up Data connection.

Can I still get text messages while on a data call?

Yes, you can still receive text messages while on a data call. The phone will provide an audio alert and then prompt you to read the message. This will NOT interrupt a data call or cause loss of a connection.

Cannot register with the Iridium network.

  • Is a SIM card inserted into the phone?
  • Check to see that the antenna is fully attached, fully extended and vertical, and that the phone is outside with a clear line-of-site to the sky.
  • Turn the phone off and then on again and wait for the phone to register.
  • If the phone will not register, attempt to force registration by pressing the up arrow key and the number 8 on the phone’s keypad.

Do I need a special modem to make an Iridium Data call?

No. The software on the Iridium World Data Services CD allows you to utilize your Iridium phone as a modem. This CD is sold separately or packaged with the Iridium Data Kit.

Voice – General

How can I display my SIM card phone number?

Step 1 – Press Menu until you see “Phone Book”, and then press “OK” to select.

Step 2 – Press Menu untill you see “My Phone Number(s)”, and then press “OK” to select.

Step 3 – Your SIM card phone number will be displayed.

Step 4 –  Press and hold “C” to exit the menu.

How do I make calls to/from the Iridium system?

Example 1 – Originating a call from the Iridium satellite phone (does not matter where the satellite phone is located) to a landline phone located in the United States.

From the satellite phone, dial: 00 1 602-752-XXXX

00, for all outbound calls from the satellite phone/ 1, United States country code/ 602, area code/752-XXXX, actual phone number.

Example 2- Originating a call from an Iridium satellite phone (does not matter where the satellite phone is located) to a landline phone located in another country.

From the satellite phone, dial: 00 CC XXXXXX

00, for all outbound calls from satellite phone/CC, country code/XXXXXX, actual number.

Example 3 – Originating a call from an Iridium satellite phone (does not matter where the satellite phone is located) to another Iridium satellite phone.

From the satellite phone, dial: 00 8816 XXX XXXXX

How do I register my 9500/9505 phone with the satellite network?

Step 1 – Press the “up arrow” then 8 on the phone.

Step 2 – The phone screen will display “Registering”.

Step 3 – When you see “Registered” and the signal strength indicator or the home signal on the phone screen you are ready to make a call.

Step 4 – If you see “Rotate Antenna” extend antenna upward and make sure you have a clear view of the sky.

Step 5 – If you see “Call Failed”, “System Busy”, “Restricted Area”, or “Weak Signal”, this means the phone is unable to access the network. Try again in a few minutes.

What are the differences between the 9505 and the 9505A?

The 9505A will continue to have the same features and functions as the 9505.  Also, the 9505A has a similar form and, therefore, has virtually the same look and feel as the 9505.

Two differences include:

  • The IR Port has been replaced with a power jack
  • The data connector on the bottom of the phone has been modified.

Changes to certain accessories were also required to accommodate component changes internal to the phone.  These include:

  • The battery – orientation has been changed to prevent previous versions from being installed
  • The AC and DC chargers – different connector
  • The RS232 adaptors – color change, modified  to prevent previous versions from being installed

What do the display messages on my phone mean?

Power On Messages

Blocked – If the SIM card PIN code is incorrectly entered three times in a row, your phone becomes blocked. Please contact your Service Provider.

Blocked, Contact Your Supplier – Please contact your Service Provider immediately.

Check Card – This message indicates that the SIM card is damaged or inserted incorrectly.

Enter Phone Unlock Code – Your phone was locked after the last use. Enter your four-digit unlock code and press “OK”.

Enter PIN – Enter the 4-8 digit SIM card PIN. If you are unsure what the PIN is, contact your Service Provider.

Enter PUK – Please contact your Service Provider.

Insert Card – Power off your phone; make sure your SIM card is inserted completely; and then power your phone on again.

Registering – Your phone is registering with the network. When the process is complete, you will see “Registered”.

Rotate Antenna or Orient Antenna – You also hear a tone when you see these messages. Extend the antenna upward and make sure you have a clear line of sight.

Searching – The phone is attempting to establish connection to the satellite.

What do the service light indicators mean?

Alternating Red and Green:  An incoming call.

Flashing Green:  You are receiving a signal from the satellite, and can place and receive calls.

Flashing Yellow and Red:  You did not successfully register with the satellite and cannot receive any incoming calls. Your SIM card may be inserted incorrectly, may not be inserted, or you may be in a restricted area. (See message on phone)

Flashing Red:  Service is not available.

Messaging – General

How do I access my personal mailbox?

Step 1 – Dial MSISDN/ISDN-A or 8816 629 90000.

Step 2 – Wait for voice prompt.

Step 3 – Enter the number you are trying to reach (e.g. 8816 310 11425).

Step 4 – Interrupt voicemail greeting by pressing *.  Wait for prompt to enter password.

How many messages can I send/receive?

There is no monthly limit on the number of pages you can receive. A maximum of five messages can be sent by the Web site or e-mail, every 10 minutes to a single Iridium paging subscriber.

What phone or pager number do I use?

Enter the Iridium customer’s Iridium pager or phone number (starting with 8816).

How does the user know whether the pager is able to receive the page via the satellite signal?

The user can push a button on the top of the pager. The pager will display the current satellite signal strength.

How long will it take for the message to get to the user?

Delivery time for Iridium pager messages depends on the length of the message, and the routing time to the pager. Most messages will be delivered within 7 minutes. Almost all pager messages will be delivered within 15 minutes.

How do I send an e-mail message to my Iridium pager or phone?

E-mails can be sent to Iridium pagers or phones by entering the Iridium phone or pager number into the following generic address, 8816[number]@msg.iridium.com.

What is the longest message I can send?

You may send a maximum of 160 characters. Any messages in excess of 160 characters will be truncated.