Thuraya WE

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R 39.484,94 incl Vat

Thuraya WE is the only hotspot in the market to offer dual mode capability. It extends data coverage by offering Satellite & LTE broadband data services allowing you to move in and out of terrestrial coverage areas with ease.

A Thuraya Sim card Airtime is required for Satellite Service

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Thuraya WE enables you to flexibly switch between networks by setting up the auto-network switching function on the web interface or smart phone app. The hotspot will automatically switch from your default network to the other network once you’re out of coverage.

The Thuraya WE app transforms your smart device into a satellite phone, it enables you to access your existing phone’s contact list to make satellite calls and SMS’s when satellite mode is selected.

To fully control the hotspot, Thuraya has developed a user friendly interface that can be accessed either through the web or through a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android systems.

With Thuraya WE, you can transform any area into a Wi-Fi hotspot, connect all your devices and applications, enjoy the internet by connecting up to 10 smart devices to Thuraya WE Wi-Fi hotspot within a radius of 30 meters or more.

Weighing 1 kg only, Thuraya WE is compact light and portable, offering voice and data connectivity on the go. It holds the globally recognised Ingress Protection Rating IP54 which provides protection from dust and water spray from any direction to withstand harsh environments.

Staying connected is a priority. It’s at the heart of your social identity and self-expression. It’s how you reach out to your family and closest friends, to share with them your experiences and news. We at Thuraya understand this fundamental need, and that’s why we have been evolving and advancing our data products throughout the years to meet this ever-growing global demand for wireless data connectivity. Thuraya WE was developed to converge satellite with terrestrial communications. It is the world’s first dual mode Satellite & LTE hotspot that keeps you in contact with your family and friends all the time, no matter where you are.

Thuraya WE allows you to automatically switch between Satellite and GSM networks with a click of a button using the Thuraya WE mobile app and web interface. With Thuraya WE, you can transform any area into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and allow up to 10 smart devices to connect and share internet within a range of 100ft or more.

  • Weight1kg
  • Size230mm x 197mm x 24mm
  • Battery typeLithium Ion, rechargeable
  • Battery capacity7.4V, 6Ah, (2S2P) Run times (Battery)
  • Run times (Battery)Cell – standby: 20hrs; Cell – data: 9hrs; Sat – standby: 6hrs; Sat – voice: 5 hrs; Sat – data: 3 hrs
  • Ingress protection

Coverage Map:

















Data Costs:

Data Costs:

SIM card price $95
Initial credit $10
Initial SIM validity 365 DAYS
Renewal fee $39


Standard IP (per MB) $2.25
Satellite CS Voice calls (on-net) $0.70
Satellite CS Voice calls (Band 1) $0.70
Satellite CS Voice calls (Band 2) $4.45
Satellite CS Voice calls (Catch All) $7.16
Satellite SMS $0.35
VoIP As per Thuraya Talk pricing
Account Management Charges
SIM Card Replacement $30.00
Static IP Address/year $500.00

For the list of call destinations per charging band, please refer to section 3.0 Charging Bands


SIM Status Description



The SIM card turns into VALID status when the SIM card is provisioned under the Thuraya WE Prepaid price plan.
If first use is not made within 6 months (180 to 184 days,

depending on the month that the SIM turned into VALID state) from the VALID date, the SIM card will be cancelled and can no longer be used by the customer.









The SIM card turns into ACTIVE status (initial ACTIVE status) upon

first use.

The initial active period is 365 days and can be extended by

renewing the SIM.

During ACTIVE status:

-Customer can use the Standard IP Service

-Customer can refill the account

-Customer can activate a data pack (only one active data pack at a time)

Upon LAST ACTIVE date (SIM expiry), if the SIM has sufficientbalance in the main account to pay for the renewal fee, the system automatically deducts the renewal fee and ex tends the validity of the SIM by 365 days
If the SIM has insufficient balance to pay for the renewal fee, the SIM will enter INACTIVE period.


SIM Status Description





Upon entering the INACTIVE period, customer is given a maximum of 90 days to refill the main account to pay for the
Any remaining balance in the main account will be retained and can be used by the customer once the SIM has been renewed
During INACTIVE period, the SIM is barred from accessing the service except to make a refill.
Upon renewal, the SIM will turn into ACTIVE status and will have a validity of 365 days from the renewal date.



The SIM will be deactivated if the customer fails to renew the SIM during the INACTIVE period. Any remaining balance will expire.
When the SIM is deactivated, the account will be removed from the Thuraya Prepaid IN system.

The Data Packs feature enables customers to enjoy lower airtime prices by purchasing data in “packs”


Data Pack






Effective Retail Price per MB

100 MB 30 DAYS $160.00 $1.60
200 MB 30 DAYS $280.00 $1.40
500 MB 30 DAYS $480.00 $0.96
1 GB 30 DAYS $680.00 $0.66


> When a customer activates a data pack, the retail price of the data pack will be deducted from the main account balance.
> Only one data pack can be active at a time.
> Customer can activate a new data pack once the previous data pack has been fully consumed or has expired, whichever comes first.
> Any remaining allowance on the data pack will be forfeited once a data pack expires.
> There will be no auto-renewal of data packs.
> Once a data pack has been fully consumed or expired (whichever comes first), any subsequent data usage will be charged on a pay per use basis at a price of $2.25 per MB unless customer activates a new data pack.
> Activating a data pack does not extend the validity of the SIM.


Activating a data pack when the LAST ACTIVE date of the SIM is less than 30 days from the data

pack activation

> Customer can activate a data pack even when the LAST ACTIVE date (SIM expiry date) of the SIM is less than 30 days.
> Any remaining data pack allowance and data pack validity days upon SIM expiry will be retained in the account


> If the SIM is renewed, the remaining data pack allowance can be used and will have a validity period equal to the remaining data pack validity days.
> If the SIM is not renewed and gets deactivated, the remaining data pack allowance and any remaining credit in the main account will expire.


1.2  Billing Increment

Service Minimum


Standard IP 200 Kilobytes 200 Kilobytes
Voice Calls 60 seconds 60 seconds


1.5 CDR Closure
Prepaid Standard IP CDRs are generated per data session


1.6 Streaming IP
This service is not available under this price plan.


1.7 Change of Price Plan
Change of price plan is not permitted.


1.8 Static IP Address
> Static IP address will be charged for one full year in advance. This fee is not refundable upon deactivation.
> In case the SIM card does not have enough balance at the time of deducting the Static IP renewal fee, Static IP address is suspended. Suspended Static IP address is kept for a grace period of 1 month before permanently cancelling it if no renewal is made during the grace period.


1.9 Time Calculations
For the purpose of calculating various periods, GMT timing shall be used.


2.0 SIM Cards

Price Plan SIM Card
Thuraya WE Prepaid Thuraya WE Prepaid


Thuraya WE Prepaid SIM cards (IMSIs) will be locked to Thuraya WE IMEIs.
> Thuraya WE SIM cards can only be used with Thuraya WE terminals.
> Non-Thuraya WE SIM cards cannot be used with Thuraya WE terminals.