18650 Lithium 2 cell Charger

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This charger is used for 18650 lithium battery, can charge two batteries in same time. With EU plug, light weight, easy to carry.

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1. Home Wall AC digital Travel Charger
2. 18650 lithium battery charger
3. 110V~240V AC power input EU Charger
4. Charges 1 or 2 batteries simultaneously, can charges two 18650 at a time
5. Two LED indicator shows current charging status
5. AC cable length: 0. 85 meter
6. Light weight, easy to carry
7. Automatically stops when charging is complete.

Color: Black
LED display pattern:
Connect power indicator light: Green light
Charging indicator light: Green light
Full charge indicator light: Red light line
Plug type: EU plug
Suitable for:18650 Lithium Rechargeable Battery
Dimensions: 105*60*36mm
Weight: 125g

Package Contents:
1 * 18650 Li-ion Battery digital Travel Charger