Solar Panel and Power Bank Portable SatComm Mate


Suitable for all types of mobile phones, satellite phones etc

Best benefit is the lifetime of the unit is much longer as you can change out the 18650 batteries when they don’t charge well anymore. This is a stand out feature and not available in 95% of all mobile solar chargers out there!

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Solar Panel and Power Bank is ideal for extending the deployment time of satellite phones used in remote locations. It is particularly ideal for higher power-drain GSM trail cameras.
It comes complete with 4 x 18650 2200mAh rechargeable lithium batteries.

This product is a solar charger which contains a solar panel and mobile power bank, which convert solar energy into electricity. This high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon design is built specifically for surveillance cameras. This product can also be used to support energy for other electric products. The solar charger supports DC output of 5V/2. It can be charged by solar energy or an output of 5V/1A converted by AC adapter through a USB cable.

There are two ways to charge this product:

1, Use solar energy to charge. Please note to adjust the angle between the sun and the solar panel. Keeping a vertical angle at noon will ensure best charging efficiency. The solar charger will supply power to the camera being charging, while also extending the charging time. Solar charging efficiency can be influenced by weather, latitude, seasons, .etc. (E.g. charging time will be a lot faster on sunny days  than cloudy days).

2, Use an USB cable connected to an AC adapter or computer.  Please remember to make sure the output port of adapter or USB cable is matched with the input port of the mobile power bank. After charge is complete, please remove cable from camera.

Main features:

(1) FCC/ CE and ROHS passed.

(2) Fully charged 18650 batteries in BC-02 can be take out and used for other devices.

(3) The Power Bank is charged through solar panel at day, and then it can charge mobile phone and iPad and other electronic devices at night.

(4) Waterproof/dust proof and fire proof. It can be used for trail camera, then you don’t need to replace AA batteries frequently.

(5) Durable device with overcharging protection and discharging protection.

Technical Parameters

Solar Panel
Folded Dimension 126*93*23mm
Unfolded Dimension 179*126*13mm
Weight 140g
Power 2.5W
Output Voltage 5V
Output Current 500mA?max?
Waterproof Grade IP66
Working Temp. -20 ~ 80°C
Mobile Power Bank
Dimension 134*94*31 mm
Input 5V/2A
Output 5V/2A
Weight 163g
Battery 4x 18650 Pointed Head Batteries 8000Mah
Transfer Efficiency 85%~90%
Waterproof Grade IP66
Charge Temperature -20 ~ 50°C
Discharge Temperature -20 ~ 60°C
Circuit Protection Short Circuit Protection
Security Authentication FCC, CE, RoHS