(N.B No Daily Data Usage Cap or Speed Limit)

Internet via satellite enables you to break free from internet problems and have a permanent two way connection to the Internet. Enjoy always-on, fast, satellite internet access whenever you need it – no issues with cable theft and phone lines. Save many hours delay downloading large files, surf the web, download e-mail. No more waiting for your connection.

The service uses a small satellite dish at your premises connected to a modem to provide two-way access to the internet at speeds comparable to terrestrial broadband networks. The service operates independently of the terrestrial networks and can support multiple client computers at your location.

What you get   

  • A choice of speeds of up to 2048kb upload – 5120kb download
  • A choice of monthly cap to suit your needs
  • Top-up your cap with extra data at any time
  • No daily data usage limitations
  • View your bandwidth usage online
  • Professional VSat installation to one point including Dish, BUC, LNB, Modem, Wall Mount & 30m Cable
  • Combine with our VoIP product and get a telephone line for incoming/outgoing calls with your own number

Key Service Features

  • “Always on” – no need to use a telephone line
  • Upgradable
  • Inexpensive, quick and easily installed
  • Faster web surfing
  • Faster download and upload of email via satellite

Key Benefits

  • No telephone line required
  • Public IP address optional extra
  • Increased upload/download performance ie information can be sent/retrieved quickly
  • Fully monitored service 24 x 7 x 365
  • Faster download and upload of email via satellite
  • Provides a reliable broadband service where and when you need it most
  • Utilises state of the art technology
  • Fast installation from order

Typical Applications

  • Companies requiring highly reliable service.
  • Small to Medium Enterprise.
  • Rural locations, lodges, farms, mines etc. (where no broadband service is available).

Select your location either; 

South Africa Only

Outside South Africa Only

Package Options

A) For South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland Only 

Package Speed (Max.) Monthly CAP
    Business+ 1024/3072 15GB
       Commercial Pro 2048/5120 70GB
  • Free Equipment on Commercial Pro plan subject to signing a 24 month contract
  • Contention Ratio: 3:1 (incomparable with the 50:1 – 75:1 of our competitors)
  • No Daily Data Usage Cap or Speed Limit.
  • Free Zone: Usage between 23h00 to 05h00 is free. Data up/downloaded during this time is not deducted from your data cap.
  • A 10% over run on caps is allowed. Speeds are then throttled to 64kbps for a further 10% and then hard locked.
  • Top ups can be purchased at any time. Top ups are valid for 90 days. There is no free zone with top ups.
  • VoIP is available as an optional extra
  • Licensing costs are included at no extra cost (South Africa only).



B) For Outside South Africa 

Package Speed (Max.) Monthly CAP
       Basic 384/4096 200Mb
       Home 384/4096 500Mb
       Bronze 384/4096 1Gb
       Silver 384/4096 3Gb
       Gold 384/4096 5Gb
       Platinum 384/4096 10Gb
       Platinum+ 384/4096 20Gb

N.B. No minimum contract period

N.B Top-ups never expire

N.B. An added bonus is Bandwidth Booster where actual usage is charged at discounted rates as follows:

Time Weekdays Weekend
    06H00-18h00 100% 75%
    18h00-22h00 75% 75%
    22H00-06h00 50% 50%




The satellite dish needs to have a clear view of the satellite.