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Isatphone 2 Docking Station

If you own an Isatphone 2 then you may wonder how you could use the phone indoors as we all know, satellite phones need line of site to the sky in order to work. See the below video on how to install the isatphone into a Docking station for easy usability inside. ?

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Black Friday or November?

It’s that time of the year again when the world goes crazy, oh wait, it already went crazy, SUPER crazy this year! Anyway, Black Friday deals are everywhere now and we are also getting into the party. For November keep a look out on our Black Friday category for the best deals which will be […]

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New Product – Thuraya WE

Thuraya WE is the only hotspot in the market to offer dual mode capability. It extends data coverage by offering Satellite & LTE broadband data services allowing you to move in and out of terrestrial coverage areas with ease.  

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