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  • Who needs a satellite phone?
    A satellite phone is ideal for anyone who ventures beyond cellular coverage, such as: * Hikers, backpackers, and campers * Boaters, sailors, and fishermen * Construction workers and miners in remote locations * Disaster relief and emergency personnel * Anyone traveling internationally to areas with unreliable cellular service
  • Do satellite phones work everywhere?
    Satellite phones work almost anywhere on Earth, as long as you have a clear view of the sky. However, some limitations exist in certain geographical features like very deep valleys or dense jungles.
  • What kind of coverage plans are available?
    Satellite phone calls are generally more expensive than traditional cell phone calls. However, prices have become more competitive in recent years. Check with the provider for specific plan details and rates. Note we only prefer to sell prepaid airtime to protect you from nasty billing shocks.
  • Can I send text messages with a satellite phone?
    Yes, most satellite phones allow you to send and receive text messages, although these services may also incur additional charges.
  • Can I use data services with a satellite phone?
    Data speeds on satellite phones are much slower than cellular data. While some models offer basic data capabilities like email (still extremely slow), they are not suitable for browsing the internet or streaming videos. The speed is slower than the old dial up speeds from the 90s.
  • Do I need a special permit to use a satellite phone?
    In most countries, no special permit is required to use a satellite phone. However, it's always a good idea to check the regulations of the specific country you'll be visiting.
  • How easy are satellite phones to use?
    Satellite phones are generally user-friendly. They operate similarly to traditional cell phones, with some additional steps required for initial satellite connection. Most providers offer user manuals and tutorials.
  • How much does a satellite phone cost?
    Satellite phone prices vary depending on the model, features, and included accessories. Prices typically range from one thousand to several thousand dollars.
  • What additional equipment do I need with a satellite phone?
    A basic satellite phone kit typically includes the phone itself, a charger, and a carrying case. You may also want to consider purchasing a headset for hands-free calling and an external antenna for potentially stronger signal reception.
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