The SatComm’s Ka Autautodeplyvsato Deploy Antenna is a 74 cm satellite internet system which is a portable, self-pointing, auto-acquire system that allows fast satellite acquisition within minutes.

Key Service Features

  • Easy to operate
  • Works at the touch of a button
  • Self-Pointing Auto-acquisition technology
  • Connects to the internet in minuteskaautodeploclosed
  • No technical experience needed
  • Competitively priced
  • Simple to use
  • Ruggedised build quality
  • Portable
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easily moved from location to location

Antenna Controller

The Antenna Controller is a highly advanced, state of the art unit with a simple user interface combined with many advanced configurable features. The controller will quickly identify yourautodeploycontroller satellite and peak in a few minutes. It can be accessed via the Front Panel or through an Internet Browser. The system is designed to be operated with little/no technical expertise. No PC or special software is required to operate the system. It’s a true stand-alone Satellite Antenna Controller with integrated SD Card Interface which allows for firmware upgrades, import of configuration files and import of Sat Tables without being connected to a PC or Network.


  • Dimensions: 47mm H x 279mm W x 190mm D Weight: 900g
  • Connectors: Power – 3 Pos, 5.08mm, Male Header Horizontal PCB
  • Mates with: On Shore Technology EDZ950/3 Terminal Block Plug Female 3 Pos 5.08mm Control – 9 Pos,
  • 5.08mm, Male Header Horizontal PCB
  • Mates with: On Shore Technology EDZ950/9 Terminal Block Plug Female 9 Pos 5.08mm Serial – 3 Pos,
  • 3.81mm, Male Header Horizontal PCB GPS
  • Mates with: On Shore Technology EDZ1550/3 Terminal Block Plug Female 3 Pos 3.81mm LAN – RJ45
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Mates with: Standard RJ45 Male Connector to Router Crossover LAN when connected directly to PC SD
  • Card – SD/MMC Card Slot
  • Mates with: Standard SD/MMC Memory Card (up to 4 GB)
  • Power Consumption: Off 0 Amps 0 Watts; Standby .7 Amps 10 Watts; (On Satellite) Dish Search 3 Amps 45 Watts
  • (Dish Moving) Max Power 8.6 Amps 130 Watts (Dish Stall) (Power Supply Rated)
  • RF Ports LNB Input: 950MHz to 2150MHz (L Band Input) 13VDC/18VDC/DiSEqC/22KHz (LNB Control)
  • LNB Output: 950MHz to 2150MHz (L Band Pass Thru) (LNB DC Power Pass Thru)

CAD Drawings:

autodeploycaddrawingas2 autodeploycaddrawings1