Super Fast Mobile VSat satellite internet



Super Fast up to 100Mbps down/30Mbps up
Global Coverage
Very low latency
Allows streaming high definition content, online gaming, collaborating on projects etc
Unparalleled reliability and redundancy
Quick and Easy set up. Minimal technical expertise required
Fits into a backpack for ease of transportation
Perfect for remote areas, mobile and temporary installations




Vsat (complete system) $870
Airtime Africa Roaming Uncapped $80 per month
(use on Africa continent within network footprint)
Airtime Global Roaming Uncapped $300 per month
(use worldwide within network footprint)
Optional extra: Backpack $450
Optional extra: LAN cable adaptor $125
Optional extra: 75 ft cable $175
Optional extra: 150 ft cable $260
Optional extra: Router $250


Rental pricing

Rental per week or part thereof $105 per week
Minimum rental period 2 weeks
Includes free data per week 100Gb per week
Refundable deposit required $650

(the deposit is payable either in cash or credit card pre-approval (the card must be presented on
collection/delivery). The deposit will be refunded on return of the equipment in good condition
and proper working order. We recommend insurance of the equipment to protect against any
loss or damage). Availability of rental units is limited and varies from time to time.

N.B. Licensing is the responsibility of the client