Iridium airtime is available in two different packages i.e. Standard and Africa.

The Standard package can be used for calls originating anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

The Africa package can only be used for calls originating anywhere in Africa to anywhere in the world.


Standard African
Calls From Anywhere *Africa/ Indian Ocean Islands 
Calls to Anywhere Anywhere
Airtime Vouchers Denomination Validity Denomination Validity
(Minutes) (Months) (Minutes) (Months)
Voucher 1   75   1 300 12
Voucher 2  200  6  –
Voucher 3 600  12  –  –
Voucher 4 3,000  24  –  –
Voucher 5 5,000  24  –  –
Call Type Cost/min ** Cost/min
Iridium-Iridium 0.83 0.88
Iridium – Fixed/Mobile 1.66 1.17
 Data Calls 1.66 1.17
 Direct Internet 1.66 1.17
 Iridium – Satellite 14.94 15.75
 Voicemail 0.83 0.88
 SMS 0.17 0.58
 24/7 Cust. Service Free Free
 Received Calls Free Free
 Received SMS Free Free
 Balance Enquiry Free Free

**Standard cost per minute is based on the 500 minute package. Above prices are in US Dollars. A sim card is required. SIM cards can be recharged an unlimited number of times.
Standard minutes cannot be recharged with Africa minutes and vice versa.
Unused minutes are carried forward if the recharge occurs before the expiry date.
Billing increment is 20 seconds.
All airtime supplied is subject to our Master Airtime Agreement.

*Countries in African Region:

Algeria Angola Benin  Botswana Burkina Faso Burundi  Cameroon Cape Verde Central African Republic  Chad Comoros Congo  Democratic Republic of Congo Djibouti Egypt  Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Ethiopia  Gabon The Gambia Ghana  Gunea Guinea-Bissau Ivory Coast  Juan De Nova Island Kenya Lesotho  Liberia Libya Madagascar  Malawi Mali  Mauritania Mauritius
Mayotte  Morocco Mozambique Namibia  Niger Nigeria Rwanda  Sao Tome and Principe Senegal  Sierra Leona Somalia South Africa  Price Edwards Island Sudan Swaziland
Tanzania Togo Tunisia Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe