fizedmastantenna Fixed Mast Antenna
For land or marine applications. Allows the Iridium phone to be used indoors.
 magneticmount Mobile Magnetic Mount Antenna
Versatile, larger antenna that delivers improved reception. Uses magnetic mount to secure antenna to large metallic surface such as a vehicle rooftop.
 portableantenna Portable Auxilary Antenna
With a convenient magnetic mount, this compact, pocket-sized antenna travels with you in the car, providing improved reception.
 antenna adapter Antenna Adaptor
Provides the external connection to your phone. Must be Positioned Upright during phone operation. Uses TNC connector to attach to antenna cable.
 autoadapter Auto Accessory Adaptor (Car Charger)
Restores full battery power to use the phone from any operating vehicle.

 vehiclehandsfree In-Vehicle Hands Free Kit
In-vehicle Hands Free kit provides full hands free operation for the Iridium Handheld Satellite Telephone.
 dockingstations Docking Stations
The docking station provides access to intelligent communication services from a standard handheld Iridium phone. The Dock allows the user access to voice services through the use of standard telephone equipment. Data and messaging connectivity is also available
 tracking Tracking
The Iridium systems allows for intelligent tracking, monitoring and alert system for various market applications.
 datakit Data Kit
Contains the hardware and software required to establish an Iridium data call using an Iridium phone.
 leatherholster Leather Holster The Iridium  Leather Holster is a high-quality leather case that helps protect your Iridium satellite phone and includes a handy clip that allows you to attach it to your belt.
 pelicancasessmall Pelican Watertight Protective Cases
Keep your Iridium phone and accessories protected at all times with a Pelican case – engineered to perform and be dependable in the most extreme environments.

 actravelcharger AC Travel Charger
Provides rapid charge for optimal performance. Can be used to power phone when the battery is depleted.
 battery Rechargeable Battery High Capacity Lithium Ion
High Capacity Battery for satellite phone.
 solarpanel Rollable Solar Panel
Lightweight, durable, rollable solar charger. Talk all day on your Iridium phone, charging up your phone while you talk or trek, anywhere on the planet!
 solarcharger Solar Charger
Efficient easy-to-use Solar Charger helps keep you in communication even in remote areas or locations with limited, erratic or no power service.