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Staying Connected No Matter Where You Roam: Sending Free SMS to Satellite Phones

The vast wilderness, the open seas – sometimes adventure takes you beyond the reach of cell towers. But staying connected with loved ones back home shouldn't be a casualty of exploration. Here's the good news: sending a free SMS to an Iridium or Inmarsat satellite phone is easier than you might think!

Understanding Satellite Communication:

Unlike traditional cell phones that rely on land-based towers, satellite phones communicate directly with orbiting satellites. This allows for connectivity in remote locations, but it comes at a cost.  Satellite phone service providers typically charge per minute or per message.

Free SMS to the Rescue!

However, there's a way to bypass these charges and send a quick message to your satellite-wielding friend or family member for free. Here's how:

1. Identify the Network:

The first step is figuring out which satellite network their phone operates on.  Iridium and Inmarsat are the two most common providers, and their phone numbers will usually begin with a specific code:

  • Iridium: +8816...

  • Inmarsat: +8707...

2. Embrace the Web:

Once you know the network, head to the provider's website. Both Iridium and Inmarsat offer online messaging portals that allow you to send free SMS to their satellite phone subscribers. Here are the links:

3. Craft Your Message:

These online portals function similarly to email. Simply enter the satellite phone number, compose your message (remember, SMS has a character limit!), and hit send.

4. Delivery Confirmation (Optional):

While not all platforms offer delivery confirmation, some might allow you to track if your message was successfully relayed to the satellite network.


  • Character Limits:  SMS messages have character limits, typically around 160 characters. Be concise and clear in your communication.

  • Delivery Times:  Due to the nature of satellite communication, message delivery might take slightly longer compared to traditional SMS.

With these tips, you can stay connected with your loved ones exploring the far corners of the globe, all thanks to the power of free SMS and satellite technology. Now, get out there and explore – knowing you're just a message away!

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